Thursday, May 18, 2017

Torchio Pasta Die Dimensions

Yesterday I received an 8mm ridged macaroni die [No. 171] from Emiliomiti. This die fits La Monferrina’s Dolly pasta extruder. From past experience (here), I discovered that Dolly dies also work in Bottene’s Model B torchio pasta press.

I made dough to test the new die. When I tried to insert the new No. 171 die into my torchio, the die didn’t fit into the Model B’s removable bronze die holder. I compared the No. 171 die to another Dolly-compatible die I own and discovered that the shoulder on the new die measured 4mm compared to the 10mm shoulder on my rigatoni die [No. 98]. Although the No. 171 and 98 share the same back diameter, the No. 171 has a wider face diameter preventing it from dropping into the Model B’s die holder.

Emiliomiti will exchange the new die with one that fits the Model B torchio. This die experience constitutes an anomaly. I only share my story as a heads-up: verify that any die intended for the Model B torchio has the correct face diameter and shoulder dimension.