Saturday, March 2, 2019


Some time ago I created a label entitled Pasta Tools on this blogsite. The first entry featured a custom-made bowl (here) that I often use when I mix pasta dough by hand. This year I plan to add new entries under this Pasta Tools label. Look for short posts on some of the pasta tools that I use, such as a walnut mattarello made by Vermont Rolling Pins.

Vermont Rolling Pins offers an Italian Long Rolling Pin that measures 36- to 40-inches long and 1.75-inches wide. Their mattarello comes in cherry, maple and walnut. They also accept custom orders. I wanted a slightly shorter (33-inches) walnut mattarello with a single knob to use when rolling out pasta on my kitchen counter. I like that the walnut’s woodgrain imparts a slight texture to the pasta.

One certainly does not need a beautiful mattarello to hand roll pasta. Many nonnas masterly wield a simple rolling pin or long wooden dowel to create a perfectly round pasta sheet (or la sfoglia). But if supporting craft makers and working with an exceptionally fine tool appeals to you, consider a mattarello from Vermont Rolling Pin.